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Secure Shredding Services At Your Door
The truth of the matter is every home or organization has sensitive information that is confidential in nature and would be of interest to others.  All types of information bearing your personal details, organizations name or your customer’s details may be used to gather information on business activity or for fraudulent use.

On-Site Document destruction.
Our on-site document destruction service  insures the maximum data protection and privacy within your own home or organization before any driver leaves your property.

Secure Data Shredding
At PROSHRED® we believe the security of your business is paramount.  We fully appreciate and understand that at all times throughout our shredding processes it is imperative to keep up the PROSHRED® Standards of Security, which in turn, will keep your business safe.

PROSHRED®‘s document shredding services are developed to uphold the confidentiality requirements of all organizations.  Without proper safeguards, your company can unwittingly expose itself to legal and financial liability due to numerous government regulations.

Hard Drive Destruction
Electronics- target for thieves looking to compromise privacy and steal personal or corporate information. What do you do with your old PC hard drives, flash drives or other electronic media once they’re outdated and no longer needed? Stockpiling them in a storage room can put you at risk of a serious security breach.

PROSHRED® has a secure solution to protect your electronic data.

Security Throughout The Year
We can maintain your security throughout the year with the provision of our Security Lockable Consoles. These consoles incorporate a secure integrated locking system and provide first-rate security for your business needs.

Searching for a secure paper shredding company? Allow PROSHRED® to demonstrate how good we really are.

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